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We help companies around the world identify problems and risks that their employees face. We fight for safe, friendly workplaces and help maintain and set a corporate culture. We offer employers a simple service that gives them constant feedback.

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Everyone can and should feel safe, supported, and motivated

Through FaceUp, your employees can openly and without hesitation report anything that bothers them in the company. You can intervene timelessly, keep key people on the team, prevent larger-scale damage, and protect your company reputation.

From an HR point of view, FaceUp serves as a reporting system, through which employees can confide the mental health concerns of their colleagues, shortcomings in the corporate culture, bullying, or even impending burnout. They can send suggestions for improvement and participate in the development of the company.

At the same time, FaceUp works like an internal whistleblowing platform to report suspected corruption, embezzlement, non-compliance with company regulations or directives, damage to the company, occupational health and safety concerns, and other risks. It's up to you what categories you choose for your company.

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Not only for companies

FaceUp began in the school environment, helping to prevent risky behaviour among learners. Gradually, companies from South Africa, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Singapore began to ask us for a similar platform aimed to assist corporate clients.





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Who is behind it

The platform was created as a product of FaceUp Technology in cooperation with TCC Online and the Mobbing Free Institute. FaceUp is the operator of the successful FaceUp project for Schools, involving hundreds of schools around the world.

TCC Online is part of the TCC Group, a company that has been active in the field of human resources for over 20 years and whose online HR tools are used by many international companies.

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